David Tyree: Odell Beckham Jr. is the Most Talented Football Player

By Rachel Wold

Former New York Giants’ wide receiver David Tyree is clearly impressed with Giants’ rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., especially after making that spectacular one-handed catch a couple of weeks ago.


Tyree, who is famous for his “helmet catch” from Super Bowl XLII, weighed in on Beckham’s new-to-fame one-handed touchdown catch telling reporters this (via NFL.com).

The greatest catch I’ve ever witnessed.

The ceiling is very, very high for the young man, as far as he’s clearly — in all honesty, and I try to wait to say things like this — but he’s the most talented football player I’ve ever seen in my life.

For Tyree to already think the world of Beckham after witnessing legendary players like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson, he really isn’t taking Beckham’s skills lightly.

Tyree concluded with these comments..

Talent only takes you so far, but he has the desire. He has the heart. He enjoys the game. He loves the game. He loves going to work. So the potential and what could be and what should be is fantastic. We just have to keep him humble and keep him hungry.

While we may not all agree with Tyree’s statement of Beckham being the most talented football player he’s ever seen, we can certainly agree with his closing comments about what it takes for any NFL player to succeed and be the best he can in the business.

Photo: NY Post