David Ortiz offers sound advice to Patriots regarding Tom Brady

David Ortiz, Patriots, Tom Brady
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world is buzzing with NFL free agency approaching as future Hall of Famer Tom Brady weighs whether or not to return to the New England Patriots. Now, another Boston sports legend is weighing in with some advice for the Patriots on how to bring Brady back to Boston.

Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz offered rather simple advice to the Patriots if they want Brady to return next season. Simply put, Bill Belichick and the front office need to pay Brady.

It’s short and sweet, but Ortiz is right on the mark. The Las Vegas Raiders are reportedly ready to make Brady a massive offer and there are plenty of suitors willing to do the same.

While Patriots owner Robert Kraft would certainly love to have Brady back, he put the decision in Belichick’s hands.

Brady has been playing on team-friendly deals for years and now headed for free agency, the 42-year-old quarterback is seemingly ready to get paid what he rightfully deserves. If the Patriots don’t follow Ortiz’s advice, they could risk losing the most beloved sports figure in the city.