David Ortiz gets life-sized LEGO replica

The David Ortiz retirement tour got an amazing new addition Wednesday morning when Big Papi received the gift of a life-sized LEGO statue.

According to ESPN’s David Schoenfield, “The model stands 6-foot-7 from his cleat to the top of his left finger, weighs 170 pounds and required 34,510 bricks to build.”

When asked if building Ortiz’s gut was tough, LEGO master Erik Varszegi laughed.

“Well, you have to be accurate to the character,” he said. “Every little detail he has was thought of. His face was great, especially with the sunglasses, the beard. I don’t think anyone could deny who it was, even if you only have a passing knowledge of the Sox. That’s what makes Ortiz so great: He’s very distinct.”

Some of the details included are spectacular. The LEGO replica includes the MLB logo on the back of his shirt, the 809 area code on his shoes and his signature necklace, which is tucked into his shirt.

The statue will be unveiled on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, which is hosting LEGO night.