Daughter’s Wedding Causes College Football Coach to Move Game

Family above everything else, right? Wagner College head football coach Walt Hameline obviously buys into this idea, as he decided to move his team’s game against Monmouth University because of his daughter’s wedding. 

According to Fox News, this was made possible because of Hameline’s relationship with Monmouth’s coach.

After last season was over, Hameline reached out to Monmouth coach Kevin Callahan. The two had crossed paths and become friends as young assistant coaches in the late 1970s, and when Hameline became head coach at Wagner, Callahan was the first coach he hired.

Callahan had this to say about agreeing to move the game.

It was kind of funny,” Callahan said, recalling the conversation with a laugh. “In typical Walt fashion he goes, `Hey, hey, hey, you gotta help me out.’ My first thought was, what’s he up to here? Let me figure this out.

Monmouth and Wagner shared an off week this season, which made a move possible.

As it relates to Hameline’s daughter, who made the odd decision to have a fall wedding, it was all about the location she picked out for her big day. It only had a few open dates. And one of them was September 20th, which is the date she chose.

Let’s applaud Hameline for putting family first. But at the same time, let’s impress upon children of football coaches to maybe go with the normal spring or summer wedding. Don’t mess with our football fix.

Photo: Silive.com