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Danny Green robbed outside Vancouver Airbnb

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Green and some companions of his were in Vancouver for a basketball camp when they checked into an Airbnb rental and were subsequently robbed.

Green shared the story during his Inside the Green Room podcast with Harrison Sanford (h/t The Toronto Star). The place they rented “looked great” in the pictures, but when they arrived it wasn’t as nice as advertised, looking “raggedy and feeling haunted.”

When the party went outside to leave, the two bags that were left in the car were gone.

“We were there 10 minutes … we go back outside, and pretty much — not robbed of everything — but two book bags gone,” Green told Sanford on the July 9 episode of the podcast.

Green said they lost contained “electronics, computers, laptops,” along with money people had sent for the basketball camp registration.

Needless to say, the Airbnb rental location will not be getting a good review from this NBA star, or any of his companions.