Dan Mullen would ‘love’ to get Tim Tebow involved with Florida football program

Tim Tebow

New Florida head football coach Dan Mullen has his sights set on getting a Gators legend involved with his program. He wants Tim Tebow.

As we all know, Tebow is currently involved in other endeavors. Along with his amazing charity work, he’s been invited to spring training with the New York Mets once again. He also still has his lucrative gig at ESPN covering college football.

That hasn’t stopped Mullen from dreaming big.

“I talked to Timmy, and I’d love to get Timmy back in the program in whatever role he would want to come in,” Mullen said, per SEC Country. “He’s got a lot of things going on. I talked to him the other day, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ He’s like, ‘I’m taking batting practice.’ He was somewhere in California or Arizona. He’s got baseball going on.

“Before that, he was in Southeast Asia on a mission trip. So his plate’s full, but we’d love to get him back in whatever capacity.”

Shoot your shot, coach.

No doubt, if Mullen was able to convince Tebow to come back to Florida in an official capacity, he’d immediately be a boon to recruiting. Tebow is a veritable legend in Florida, and the Gators would be over the moon if he got involved.

Still, we have to believe this is nothing more than a dream at this point. Perhaps later on in his life when he’s done pursuing his other dreams Tebow would consider coming back to where it all started for him. In the meantime, Mullen and the Gators will have to enjoy him from afar.