Damien Wilson blames July 4 arrest on ‘road rage’

Cowboys LOB Damien Wilson arrested.

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested after a disturbing incident on July 4 in which he hit a woman with his truck and brandished a firearm.

The incident occurred in the parking lot at Toyota Stadium and was the result of a dispute over parking spaces. As a result, he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Dallas Morning News obtained a probable cause affidavit about the incident. Per the affidavit, police were brought on the scene by a man who told them someone had hit his sister-in-law, who was attempting to hold a parking spot for relatives. Then the man who hit her brandished an AR-15.

Wilson was identified by that man. He first denied it was him before finally admitting to it and blaming “road rage” for his actions.

At this time, the NFL and Cowboys are in the information-gathering phase of their investigations into this matter. Chances are, Wilson is going to be disciplined, regardless of what happens on the legal front.