Damarious Randall opens up about viral tweet

Cleveland Browns defensive back Damarious Randall is more popular than he must have realized. A simple tweet Randall posted got completely out of hand.

Randall offered to buy everyone who retweeted his tweet a jersey, if the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Finals.

Now that Randall finds he would have to spend a fortune to keep his promise, he is speaking up.

Randall’s offer to the general public was so popular that Fanatics owner Michael Rubin offered to give Randall the jerseys at wholesale. This would save him literally millions of dollars.

At the time of Rubin’s offer on Tuesday, Randall’s tweet had been retweeted over 400,000 times. Now the tweet has circulated over 700,000 times.

Even with a wholesale discount, this many jerseys would rack up quite a bill. And Randall shouldn’t look to his head coach for any help here, either.

We assume that Randall takes his time to rethink his tweets before pushing the send button in the future.

For what it is worth, Game 1 of the NBA Finals kicks off on Thursday at Golden State. And, we must wonder if Randall intends to keep his promise as the playoffs progress.