Police suspend investigation into Ezekiel Elliott assault case

Ezekiel Elliott suspension

The Dallas Police Department has officially suspended the Ezekiel Elliott case involving a man who was purported to have been hit by the Dallas Cowboys star running back.

“Dallas detectives made several attempts to contact the victim through various ways but at this time have not been able to make contact,” the DPD statement says (h/t Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News). “To date no witnesses have come forward to provide any additional information about this incident.”

This comes as no surprise. Just minutes before the official statement, it was reported this move was coming. In addition to the fact that the victim has not been able to be found, he reportedly gave the police an old address and a bad phone number. And on top of that, witnesses have been uncooperative about the entire ordeal.

Now that police have suspended the case, Elliott has a bit of breathing room. But he’s not out of the woods just yet. If the alleged victim is found, things could change in a hurry. Additionally, the NFL might not look kindly upon this latest batch of bad news as it currently mulls over disciplinary action due to previous issues.