Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones faces troubling allegations from former cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones

After news first broke of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paid a $2.4 million settlement over voyeurism allegations against a former executive, new accusations are coming out against the most prominent NFL franchise owner.

Jones’ behavior – who recently defended the settlement and said an internal investigation found no wrongdoing by former executive Rich Dalrymple – is brought up during a podcast series on the Cowboys’ cheerleaders.

The Texas Monthly’s podcast America’s Girls, hosted by Sarah Hepola, paints a picture of the behavior tolerated in Dallas under Jones. In one episode, Hepola’s conversations with former team cheerleaders depict how Jones specifically created an environment where the women were exploited and put into very uncomfortable situations, with their bodies shown off to others.

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“This Jerry Jones brought buddies to sip cocktails and leer at cheerleaders during their workouts. This Jerry Jones handpicked at least one cheerleader to accompany him on a trip in his private jet, where she was expected to wear the group’s famous, skimpy uniform and parade around for the boss’s guests.”

Excerpt from America’s Girls podcast on how Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones treated cheerleaders, via Texas Monthly (H/T Pro Football Talk)

The allegations come in light of ESPN’s reporting that the Cowboys paid four former cheerleaders $2.4 million after they came forward with allegations that Dalrymple committed voyeurism as they undressed in their locker room at AT&T Stadium in 2015.

When the accusations of Dalrymple entering the womens’ bathroom to record video and take photos of cheerleaders was brought forward to the Cowboys, he remained employed by Jones for six more seasons. Instead, the executive’s denial and an internal investigation determined there was no wrongdoing.

Dalrymple also faced an accusation of recording upskirt photos of Charlotte Jones Anderson – Jerry Jones’ daughter – which a fan reported seeing on a live stream during the Cowboys’ draft.

The podcast series details what working for the Cowboys was like for the cheerleaders. In the fifth episode, former cheerleader Cindy Villarreal shared how Jones invited her on his jet years ago and had her wear skimpy uniforms to ‘parade around’ guests.

“My first thought was, ‘Why am I being asked to be on an airplane with Jerry’s businessmen?’ I thought it was raunchy.” 

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Cindy Villarreal on Jerry Jones inviting her on team plane, via Texas Weekly

Many women also detailed strict rules instituted by the team, including that they couldn’t gain weight, resulting in cheerleaders taking extreme measures (water pills, eating disorders, Ex-Lax) to maintain their figure so they could keep working.

While the allegations might be for things that happened several years ago, it’s very possible the NFL begins to take a closer look into the matter in light of their investigation into the Washington Commanders and Miami Dolphins owners.

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