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Dak Prescott seems fed up with Cowboys over contract talks

Vincent Frank
Dak Prescott Cowboys
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott has said all of the right things as extension negotiations continue to draw on between the two sides.

It appears Prescott is now done playing nice. The impending free agent laid into the Cowboys over said contract negotiations on Thursday, seemingly calling the team out in the process.

“You would hope and you would think something is going to get done, right,” Prescott said Thursday, via David Moore of Dallas News. “I mean, you would have thought something would have gotten done before the season. In my brain, it only says that it gets done. Without the tag.”

This is the issue. Dallas holds the right to place the dreaded franchise tag on Prescott. That value is expected to come in at about $27 million, much less guaranteed cash than what the quarterback would earn on a long-term deal.

”I don’t think any of that is necessary,” Prescott continued. “But that’s business. That’s all calculated. That’s all on them.”

It’s obvious Prescott is placing the ball in Dallas’ court heading into the offseason. And while the Cowboys’ brass remains confident, these negotiations started long before Week 1 of the 2019 season.

When asked if he planned on working out at The Star in Dallas this offseason without a long-term deal, Prescott did not mince words in saying he’d be absent. “Report that,” Prescott uttered. “Be sure to report that.”

Things seem to be growing contentious on this front. Sure cooler sides could prevail with a deal ahead of free agency in March. At this point, that does not look to be in the cards.