Dak Prescott received supportive text from Romo after winning starting job

Any thought given to the idea that there would somehow be drama unfolding in Dallas as the Cowboys embark on the playoffs can be thrown out the window.

Since relinquishing his starting job to Dak Prescott following a preseason back injury, Tony Romo has been nothing less than professional. He’s been a tremendous teammate. A leader. A mentor. Someone that’s worked with Prescott to help the young quarterback get better.

This is no more evident than in the text message Romo sent to Prescott after the rookie was named the full-time starter during the season.

“You got Tony, he’s texting me like ‘I believe in you. You’re the type of guy I pull for.’ So it just makes me feel comfortable,” Prescott said,” via Fox Sports. “Just to go each and every day and be myself.”

Romo has always been a good teammate. Those around him have always pointed to his leadership ability. And in reality, it’s Romo’s presence in Prescott’s day-to-day life that has helped the rookie quarterback during a history-making first season in the NFL.

Prescott heads into the playoffs having put up 29 total touchdowns compared to just four interceptions en route to leading Dallas to a 13-3 record a first-round bye. It’s beeen an amazing performance. And Romo has had a lot to do with it.

“Yeah, (the starting role for the Cowboys) just came a whole lot earlier than I had imagined,” Prescott continued. “Figured it would be a couple of years down the road. But as I said, an opportunity presents itself, take it and run with it.”

As Prescott leads his Cowboys into the postseason with a Lombardi Trophy on his mind, Romo will be wearing a head set and holding a clipboard on the sideline. He will be doing so knowing full well that this is his last go-around with the Cowboys.

If what Romo has displayed while throwing just a handful of passes during the regular season is any indication, there will not be a shortage of suitors for his services during the spring.