Dak Prescott not upset Cowboys wanted Paxton Lynch more

Dak Prescott knows he wasn’t the first choice when the Dallas Cowboys went looking for their quarterback of the future during the 2016 NFL Draft. Heck, Jerry Jones made it clear he lost sleep the night after the Denver Broncos out-bid him to land the lanky Memphis product.

But despite all that, Prescott is not bothered one bit.

Speaking with reporters after the team’s rookie minicamp practice, Prescott made it clear he doesn’t have a care in the world on that score. In fact, he’s been here before.

“I’m just going to go out there and prove myself everyday on the field, and prove myself everyday in here,” Prescott said, via Drew Davison of the Star-Telegram. “Just be the player and person that I am. It really doesn’t mean anything to me [that they wanted Lynch]. I’m sure I wasn’t the first one on Mississippi State’s recruiting board when I committed to them.”

Prescott is also not upset about playing second fiddle to Tony Romo.

“I think all of us rookies need to develop to be better NFL players at this point,” Prescott said. “If that means developing for a year or two years, sitting behind Romo, I’m ready to learn everything I can from him and follow him on and off the field, just the way he carries himself as a pro.”

The only thing wrong with his statement is that Prescott seems to think Romo’s only going to play for another “year or two years” before it’s going to be his time to shine for the Cowboys.

Perhaps he’s a prophet. Or, perhaps he didn’t get the memo that both Romo and team owner Jerry Jones are assuming the veteran will still be doing this thing for another half decade or so.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine Prescott in his second year won’t be like Steve Young, before he took over for Joe Montana, or perhaps like Aaron Rodgers waiting for Favre to finally give up already.

For those who may be too young to remember, Young used to pace the sidelines like a hamstrung Arabian just itching for his chance to get into the games. He knew he was good enough to play, but Montana just wouldn’t relent until injuries finally paved a way for the youngster.

Rodgers wasn’t as visibly frustrated as Young would get back in his day, but both were clearly weary of waiting after a couple of years.

Romo’s not likely to leave this game any time soon. So Prescott might want to call one or both of them to see if they have any tips on how to be patient.