Don’t discount Dak Prescott as a legit MVP candidate

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott is a hot name right now on an international level because of his hip-thrusting warmup routine, but we should be talking more about his play. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who is still playing out his fourth-round rookie contract, is shredding the NFL and should be mentioned along with Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson as a legitimate MVP candidate.

A player who had everything to prove before the start of the season has done nothing but prove himself week in and week out, a few minor hiccups aside.

On Sunday, Dallas was on the road in a game that saw its defense give up four touchdowns to the Jeff Driskel-led Detroit Lions. Ezekiel Elliott was stymied playing behind a banged-up offensive line for the second consecutive week. Amari Cooper was merely a decoy when he was on the field, banged up as he is right now.

Prescott stood above it all and had a magnificent game. He passed for 444 yards with three touchdowns, completing 29-of-46 attempts. His main weapons were Randall Cobb and Michael Gallup, who has thrived thanks to Prescott’s willingness and ability to take deep shots downfield.

Elliott has rushed for a grand total of 92 yards the past two games, averaging 2.55 yards per tote — he’s getting shut down big time.

During the same period of time, Prescott has passed for 841 yards and six touchdowns.

Instead of shrinking in games Elliott isn’t making big plays on the ground, as he has in the past, Prescott is becoming a giant.

Again, the important thing to think about here is that, if not for Prescott’s outrageously gaudy performance, Dallas would have lost. To the Lions.

Going back to last weekend, if Dallas had just stayed with the hot hand against the Minnesota Vikings, there’s a good chance the Cowboys would be 7-3 right now instead of 6-4.

Dak Prescott is the reason Dallas leads the NFC East. He’s the reason this team has any championship aspirations left at all. His defense has taken significant steps backward in 2019. He’s playing behind an offensive line that can’t stay healthy. Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t been that dominant force.

From a pure numbers standpoint, while the nine interceptions are troubling, Prescott has also thrown 21 touchdowns and scored three more times on the ground. He’s on pace to finis the season with 5,153 passing yards and 38 total touchdowns.

Folks, those are MVP-type numbers.

If Prescott gets the ‘Boys into the playoffs, he deserves MVP consideration. At the least, let’s not leave him out of the conversation. Sure, what Wilson and Jackson are doing for their respective teams is awe-inspiring. But in his own way, Prescott is having that same type of impact for the Cowboys in 2019.