Cubs fans make the cutest baby announcement using World Series trophies

Here is the cutest thing you will see all day.

John Lackinger and his wife Vanessa are hardcore baseball fans. And what better way to announce a new baby into the world than with a World Series trophy?

Well, that’s what this Chicago couple did.

The duo originally wanted to go with a Disney-themed baby reveal. That was until Lackinger’s father-in-law called saying he had won tickets to go see the trophy in Chicago asking if they would be interested in attending.

“Of course I said absolutely,” explained Lackinger. “Being a Cubs fan for this long, we know that it may never happen again in our life time.”

Lackinger was very modest and selfless when it came to announcing the newest addition to the family. He wanted a “subtle” way of telling the world, but “didn’t want to take away from the moment.”

“We posted the picture on Facebook and the reactions of people were hilarious,” said Lackinger. “Some actually read the signs and were so excited, others admitted that they “liked” the photo and moved on, but totally did not read the signs and were stunned when they went back to see it.”

Chicago remained to have an electric vibe from day one Lackinger told me, saying family and friends that haven’t called Chicago their home in years flew back to witness the historical World Series.

“It is amazing to me that my child will get to experience ┬áthe Cubbies as a winning team.” “Not too many people if any still living right now can say that.”

And yes … Lackinger (who lists his name on Facebook as “John Lackey) has his fingers crossed it is a baby boy. Either way, that’s one lucky kid.