Crazy stat shows Nick Saban and LeBron James are joined at the hip

LeBron James
Courtesy of USA Today Images

What is the key to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers returning to the finals in 2018 and winning a potential rematch with the Golden State Warriors?

Staying healthy is always important, of course. The play of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love can’t falter at all. Cleveland should see if anything can be done to add some depth. Of course, earning home court advantage would be nice.

Additionally, Nick Saban and Alabama must win the National Championship.

The last one is a little strange, for sure. But as CBS Sports noted, there’s been a direct connection for the last six years. When The Crimson Tide win the championship in January, LeBron’s teams win the NBA title in June. When Alabama ends its season with a loss, LeBron’s teams do, as well.

Perhaps LeBron should get himself out on the recruiting trail for the Tide.

If nothing else, this is a something that those of us who enjoy an occasional bet should note after college football crowns its next champion in January.