Crazy stat highlights Raiders’ absurdly bad defense

By Jesse Reed
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders are falling apart at the seams. It’s tough to find one good thing to say about what the franchise is doing right now, especially after it was trampled by the San Francisco 49ers on “Thursday Night Football” in embarrassing fashion.

During Thursday night’s game, third-string quarterback Nick Mullen looked like Brett Favre as he shredded Oakland’s defense. Along the way, the Raiders managed to hit the young quarterback just twice and had nary a sack.

Through eight games, the Raiders have registered just seven sacks total. Aaron Donald had four all by himself a couple of weekends back, just as a frame of reference.

Now here comes an even more staggering stat that shows the futility that is Oakland’s defense:

In the immortal words of Jon Gruden: “It’s hard to find a great pass rusher.”

Meanwhile, Khalil Mack is rolling in a bed full of money with his new team, which shockingly enters Week 9 leading the NFC North.