Cowboys TE impressively quotes old Hall & Oates song

Dallas Cowboys tight end Rico Gathers was born in 1994, during the height of pop and hip-hop music. That very same year saw I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men and Hero from Mariah Carey top the Billboard charts.

Fast forward nearly a quarter-century, and Gathers is out here guoting a 1981 song from Hall & Oates like it’s nothing.

In talking about whether he wanted to spend another year on the Cowboys’ practice squad, the former Baylor basketball player had a simple response.

“Nope. No can do, my friend,” Gathers said, via the Star-Telegram.

Yes folks, that’s an homage to the 36-year-old Hall & Oates song I Can’t Go for Thatotherwise known as No Can Do.

Was this unwittingly? We’re not too sure.

But considering Gathers’ dance moves after scoring a touchdown Thursday against the Arizona Cardinals paid respects to the little known Pick a pipe Peter Pan dance by comedians Nick Joseph and Dan Rue, we’re pretty sure he’s making some awesome references on his way to the Cowboys 53-man roster.

To you Mr. Gathers, we say good job.