Cowboys security guard thought rookie Ryan Switzer was team’s new kicker

Ryan Switzer Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys rookie receiver Ryan Switzer isn’t the most physically imposing human being. You probably wouldn’t expect him to be a budding NFL star if you saw him walking around in street clothes at your local mall. Measuring in at 5-foot-8 and 181 pounds, he just doesn’t look the part.

So it’s not all that surprising that the fourth-round rookie out of North Carolina was mistaken for a kicker over the weekend, is it?


It probably won’t be much longer before that security guard, and the rest of us, know who Switzer is and what he’s capable of doing on an NFL field. He’s already impressing on a regular basis and has a chance to earn some significant playing time as a slot specialist and punt returner.

That said, you have to believe Switzer was relentlessly trolled by his teammates after they heard about this little misunderstanding.