Cowboys leaving locker room door open for Tony Romo?

Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are all aboard the Dak Prescott express, but could they also be leaving the locker room door open for a Tony Romo return?

That’s sure what it looks like.

While it’s certainly a tongue-in-cheek suggestion by Jon Machota that the Cowboys are leaving the door open, it’s not entirely baseless, either.

Additionally, Romo himself hasn’t completely shut the door on a potential NFL return. Remember, when he took the CBS job, he made it clear he’s not 100-percent retired. Because he chose to retire, rather than make a go of it with another team, some have speculated that the only way Romo would return is if Prescott were injured and the ‘Boys needed him to come back.

By keeping his locker and jersey number open, Dallas is absolutely leaving the door open for Romo to return.

Whether that happens likely has everything to do with what happens to Prescott during the upcoming season. If he is somehow unable to take the Cowboys where they need to be, which is deep into the playoffs, then Romo might end up wearing the old No. 9 again before the season is up.