Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Says Kyle Orton is Not Retiring

The all-knowing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is calling the shots and this time he is talking about the potential retirement of Kyle Orton, whom the Cowboys cut last week.

Jones spoke with reporters and indicated that Orton has no intention of quitting and wishes to remain playing in 2014…just not for the Cowboys.

Further, Jones had this to say (via NFL.com).

Once he gave an indication that he was not going to retire, and come back with all the other aspects of not having participated in the spring work that we did, then it was decision time on our part.

The whole Orton issue is a bit strange, as the team handed him a favor by releasing him, which enabled him to retain $3.25 million from his prorated signing bonus. Jones also appeared to suggest that Orton planned to show up for training camp in an effort to force the Cowboys’ hand. Apparently, it’s too late for that planned move that went bad.

Maybe it all boils down to the fact that the Cowboys signed Brandon Weeden and Orton is just plain peeved.

If Orton really desires to continue his NFL career, he is free to sign with any other team immediately. However, Orton’s passive-aggressive offseason game plan should be considered a forewarning to any team entertaining the thought of signing him. Any guesses on what team may be interested?

Photo: Sports Ilustrated