Cowboys gave Tony Romo $5 million parting gift

The whole idea that there was some sort of a feud going on between Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys can now be thrown completely out the window. On the day that Romo announced his retirement from the NFL, owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys decided to release him outright.

This does a couple different things. First off, it enables Romo to sign with any team should he decide to return to the game. While it’s a 99 percent certainty Romo has called it quits for good, this opens up possibilities should he have a change of heart.

Secondly, by releasing Romo outright and not placing him on the reserve/retired list, Dallas pretty much handed Romo a $5 million parting gift (via Pro Football Talk).

That was the bonus the now retired quarterback would have received if he decided to return to the gridiron instead of trying his hand in the broadcast booth.

This is really a jaw-dropping move from the Cowboys. They could have saved some nice cash against the cap by simply placing Romo on the retired list. Instead, Jerry Jones and Co. showed their true colors here. A class organization that respects what Romo did for them over the course of the past 13 seasons.