Courtney Smith: Nobody from Ohio State ever spoke with me about 2015 incidents

Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former Ohio State coach Zach Smith, intends to fully cooperate with the school’s investigation of head coach Urban Meyer, Brett McMurphy reported on Monday.

Meyer currently is away from the football program on paid administrative leave.

McMurphy also noted that Smith says no one with the university ever spoke with her regarding the 2015 incidents that sparked this investigation into Meyer’s conduct, which includes allowing Smith to remain on his staff for three years after knowing he was abusing his wife.

Meyer admitted last week that he did lie about having knowledge of Smith’s actions against his wife but also defended himself by saying he followed the proper procedures, essentially deflecting blame.

Ohio State has launched an investigation into all this, which is expected be completed within the next two weeks.

Many Ohio State fans have staunchly supported Meyer, some of whom have even signed a petition and held a rally for him.

Others have called for his resignation. This includes one prominent Ohio State football legend.