Of course Johnny Manziel is at Coachella

After making headlines for his current living arrangements with Josh Gordon then being involved as a passenger in a hit-and-run accident, Johnny Manziel has made his way into the California desert to attend Coachella.

TMZ Sports posted this photo of Manziel hanging out with Ryan Silverstein at the event. Silverstein was the guy driving the car when the duo hit a pole and Manziel fled on foot afterwards.

This Friday kicked off the start of the annual, three-day outdoor music festival that is attended by millions of fans and celebrities. Most will be partying practically non-stop for the next 72 hours. So, it isn’t too unusual to see Manziel’s face present at the venue.

Manziel moves quickly, because it was barely 24 hours ago that reports that he and his entourage trashed a rental house in Los Angeles and allegedly left remnants of drugs behind.

With much partying to be had, this photo of Manziel likely won’t be the last to hit social media over the next couple of days.

While he awaits the fate of the domestic violence charges claimed by his ex-girlfriend, it appears Manziel is living it it up while the going is good.

It would be utterly shocking if any NFL team reached out to Manziel, who appears to spend more time partying than he ever spent on enriching his NFL career.