Could surprise name emerge to buy New York Mets?

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Wilpon family has owned the New York Mets since 2002 and fans have desperately hoped for new ownership to take over in recent years. Finally, baseball fans in New York could get their wish.

After the first sale fell through, the Wilpon family could have another potential buyer with significant ties to MLB.

Alex Rodriguez eyes Mets’ ownership

Alex Rodriguez grew up as a Mets fan in New York and dreamed of playing for his favorite team. While he never got the opportunity to live out his dream as a player, Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are eyeing a chance to become part of a new Mets’ ownership group.

While Rodriguez and Lopez don’t have the money to buy the team on their own, they could be eyeing billionaire Wayne Rothbaum. According to The New York Post’s Thornton McEnery, Rothbaum is interested in buying the Mets if it only costs him $1 billion.

The number is far below the $2.6 billion deal the Wilpon family had in place with hedge fund manager Steve Cohen. However, that deal fell apart in February and the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt an economic blow to MLB.

Now with a limited number of suitors interested in buying the Mets while the season is suspended, the Wilpons could take a massive financial hit for as long as they keep the team.

Mets could still sell to Steve Cohen

While Rothbaum is open to buying the Mets at a discount price, MLB is reportedly seeking an owner willing to spend more money. The sentiment is shared by Rodriguez and Lopez, per The New York Post, as both eye a billionaire willing to spend money to build the Mets into a contender.

As a result, there is increased speculation around MLB that the Wilpons will go back to Cohen. He grew up loving the team and would instantly become MLB’s richest owner if he successfully bought the team. While he’s reportedly against submitting a new bid for the team, many expect a resolution could eventually be reached.

There seems to be no end in sight for the saga surrounding a potential sale of the Mets. While it would benefit everyone involved if Cohen bought the team, it’s evident the Wilpons will be doing things their way for a while longer.