Biggest keys to victory for conference championship games

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Who will meet in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII?

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In roughly two weeks, two teams will meet in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. Before that takes place, the conference championship games are going down this weekend, and the four best teams during the regular season are all still in the mix.

The New England Patriots will be in the midwest for a date with the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Los Angeles Rams will travel to the Bayou for a clash with the New Orleans Saints.

As we eagerly await those huge games, let’s take a look at the biggest keys to victory.


Rams’ keys to victory over Saints

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Defense: Marcus Peters must shut down Michael Thomas

The last time these teams met up, Thomas roasted Marcus Peters like he was a delicious, over-sized marshmallow. He went off to the tune of 12 catches, 211 yards and a touchdown. If Thomas has another monster game, the Rams probably won’t be able to keep up.

Offense: Jared Goff has to come alive

Since mid-November, the Rams haven’t gotten much franchise quarterback-level play out of Goff. Taking away the team’s blowout win over the hapless San Francisco 49ers, he threw two touchdowns and six interceptions in five games, including the Rams’ playoff win over Dallas last weekend. That’s not going to cut it against Drew Brees and Co.


Saints’ keys to victory over Rams

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Defense: Shut down the run

As we mentioned, Goff hasn’t been playing at a high level in roughly two months. Los Angeles has been dominating, mainly because C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley have been rolling on the ground. If the Saints are going to move on to the Super Bowl, their front seven will have to win at the line of scrimmage against the extremely talented and healthy Rams offensive line, and guys will have to wrap up those ball carriers on first contact.

Offense: Work the mismatches 

One of the key players New Orleans relies on offensively, tight end Ben Watson, isn’t playing as he recovers from appendicitis. With him out, Sean Payton and Drew Brees will have to rely more than ever on mismatches. Thankfully, Alvin Kamara is a nightmare for opposing defenses and should have a field day against Los Angeles’ linebackers. Additionally, look for rookie receiver Tre’Quan Smith to show up big on the perimeter, and of course don’t forget about Taysom Hill.


Patriots’ keys to victory over Chiefs

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Defense: Negate Travis Kelce

The Patriots always do a great job of identifying an opposing offense’s main weapon and then eliminating it. For the Chiefs, as dangerous as Tyreek Hill is, that weapon is Kelce, who is Patrick Mahomes’ security blanket and one of the most talented big receivers in the league. If New England can keep him under wraps — in other words, under 50 yards on the day — the Pats will have a great shot at frustrating Mahomes into some key mistakes.

Offense: Protect Tom Brady 

When Brady has time to throw, he’s surgical. Just ask the Los Angeles Chargers, or really any team that didn’t get him onto the turf the past two decades. When he’s got pressure in his face, however, Brady is surprisingly vulnerable. He completed just 45.3 percent of his passes when pressured in 2018. Kansas City is really good about bringing the heat, too. So if the New England offensive line struggles up front, it’s gonna be a long day for the GOAT.


Chiefs’ keys to victory over Patriots

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Defense: Win the early downs on defense

Shutting down Sony Michel and the Patriots’ run game is going to be absolutely critical to Kansas City’s defense. If the Chiefs are letting the New England offense dink and dunk on third downs, this game is going to be very frustrating, indeed. So the biggest key for the Chiefs on the defensive side is to win the early downs and forcing the Pats into third-and-long situations as much as possible.

Offense: Get Damien Williams going

We know the Chiefs are going to get their big chunks in the passing game. There is just too much talent on this offense with Mahomes slinging the ball around to not land some haymakers. But beating the Patriots is all about winning the long game, not just showing off. Offensively, this means the Chiefs need to see another big game from Williams on the ground. Balance is key. If he’s gashing the front seven, it’ll open up lanes through the air and give the Chiefs the space they need to have even more fun through the air.


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