Colts’ Safety on Peyton Manning: We Have Him Figured Out

It was a sad day for the Denver Broncos and veteran quarterback Peyton Manning as the Indianapolis Colts shut the team down in the AFC Divisional Playoffs by the score of 24-13 back in January.

It was also quite obvious that Manning was not himself during that game. Reports since that disheartening playoff loss have indicated that the future Hall of Famer¬†tried to conceal a quad injury¬†that he suffered a few weeks prior. While many would conclude the Broncos lost mainly because Manning wasn’t 100 percent, Colts’ safety Mike Adams paints a different picture.

Speaking with NFL Network’s Lindsay Rhodes, Adams didn’t think that their defense got enough credit in the team’s victory.

I remember how well we played as a defense. A lot of the media talk was taking away from how well the defense played, and saying he was hurt, and this and that. But I think it was us. I think it was the defense and we went out there and executed our game plan.

Their game is about timing. That’s what they do, it’s all based off timing and we disrupted that. We got in his face and we did things that made him feel uncomfortable.

Adams was asked if the Colts had Manning “figured out?”

For which he stated with a smile, “Absolutely.”

The naysayers may still defend Manning’s limited capacity, but the fact remains that the Colts’ defense did squash the immobile quarterback in what was a stunning victory for the road team, and yet another premature postseason exit for Manning

Photo: USA Today Images