Colts’ Erik Walden Says it is “Gross” that Tom Brady Cheated to Help Win AFC Championship Game

The Indianapolis Colts lost by a landslide score of 45-7 against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game this past January. While legally inflated balls would not have changed the outcome, Colts linebacker Erik Walden claimed it was just “gross” that quarterback Tom Brady would play it below the belt and cheat to win (via TMZ Sports).

Walden, who posted five tackles in that game, admitted that he knows the Colts still would have lost, despite the ball situation:

I don’t think that s**t made a difference in our game” Waldon said. “They’re already hard to beat and now we know they do that extra s**t to win. They’re coming at you from every angle. It’s unfortunate that they did this, but they’re still the champs. You gotta give them credit, they did it, and they got away with it, and they won the Super Bowl.

Walden’s proclamation is sad but somewhat true. Unfortunately for his case, the Patriots are a darn good team no matter what condition the footballs are in.

In the end, Walden shared a realistic opinion of how poorly the Colts performed, while piling some trash on Brady.

Nicely played.

Photo: USA Today Sports