Colin Kaepernick to Train with Kurt Warner in the Offseason

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be training with former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner and two coaches during the offseason.

A program to work with Kaepernick for nearly the whole 12 weeks until he rejoins his team in early April is being designed by Warner, who will work with quarterback coaches Mike Giovando and and Dennis Gile. While Kaepernick will resume his normal weight training and running routines, his training program will consist of drills such as 7 on 7’s, chalk-talking sessions and film studies. In addition to Kaepernick, some current NFL hopefuls are joining Kaepernick. New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr and a couple of Kaepernick’s teammates will also be on hand.

Coach Gile shared some details about the program they’re planning for Kaepernick (via Yahoo Sports).

He just said he’s still going to train and do his weight room and running stuff because that’s part of his game that’s pretty much unstoppable when he does it, but he wants to do something a little different. From what he’s told us, he’s never really had a quarterback coach. We just want to provide Colin with the tools that we have to try to help him out in any certain way to make him more consistent and more efficient.

The fact Kaepernick is willing to sacrifice the majority of his personal time for 12 weeks that will be filled with rigorous study and training up to the time he rejoins his team is impressive. This dedication and hard work on Kaepernick’s part is definitely a step in the right direction for the 49ers to improve as a unit next season.