Colin Kaepernick thanks Eric Reid, slams Jay-Z partnership with NFL

By Vincent Frank
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Free-agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has never been one to keep quiet on the biggest issues of the day. It led to his eventual demise from the league after starting the now-infamous National Anthem protests back in 2016.

While some would like to see the Kaepernick drama go away three years after the fact, a recently announced partnership between Jay-Z and the NFL surrounding social awareness has put the former Super Bowl quarterback back on the front burner.

Both Jay-Z and the NFL have received criticism for the partnership, primarily by not including Kaepernick in it.

That includes the quarterback’s former teammate with the San Francisco 49ers, current Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid.

Always a steadfast supporter of his former teammate, Reid initially took part in the National Anthem protests and continues to be outspoken about perceived social injustice.

It seems that Kaepernick is appreciative of his support. The quarterback also took an underhanded shot at the Jay-Z partnership with his former league.

Almost three years to do the day since Kaepernick began the protests, nothing has really died down on this front. Anyone who thought they’d go quietly into the night were sorely mistaken.

Whether this is a good thing depends heavily on your world view and the idea that sports should be an outlet to the divisiveness of the modern age.

Either way, expect a lot more push back against the Jay-Z partnership with the NFL. That’s not going to die down any time soon.