Colin Kaepernick blasts media pitting him against Aldon Smith

By Jesse Reed
courtesy of CSN Bay Area

Colin Kaepernick came out swinging on Wednesday during a press conference at San Francisco 49ers team facilities in Santa Clara, Ca.

There was a report that Smith had hit a car owned by Kaepernick last Friday (, and that was jumped on by other media outlets. Other reports suggested Kaepernick and Smith had fought one another during practice, which the 49ers and Kaepernick have denied.

When asked about the situation on Wednesday, Kaepernick fired back, saying if he were a reporter he would use logic and know that since he is sponsored by Jaguar for two years, they should know he would not be driving a Mercedes. He also mentioned the team didn’t have practice on Thursday, so nobody was even at team facilities.

He also said it was “embarrassing” that reporters would “prey” on someone having a hard time. He ended by saying those who reported on the alleged altercation between himself and Smith “lacked integrity,” and that he and Smith are friends.

The 49ers franchise quarterback handled himself well during the exchange but was visibly upset.

He deserves respect for sticking up for his friend, who clearly needs support, rather than mud slinging, during this time of crisis.