Colin Kaepernick appears during Bob McNair deposition

Colin Kaepernick

According to a photo captured by TMZ Sports, free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick was spotted smiling after attending a deposition hearing involving Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

This news here also clears up why Kaepernick was seen working out in Houston earlier this week.

It was also reported that McNair had no idea that Kap would be present in the deposition.

The deposition hearing is part of Kaepernick’s collusion case he initiated against the NFL. The photo shows Kaepernick with his lawyer, Ben Meiselas. McNair is just one of several high profile NFL people that has been subpoenaed to testify in Kap’s case.

Kaepernick alleges that the NFL has conspired against him in keeping him unemployed in the league as a result of his National Anthem protests.

Kaepernick last played in 2016 with the San Francisco 49ers. At the end of that season, he requested a release. To date, Kap has drawn very little interest by any NFL teams in need of a quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins briefly tossed his name around last offseason.

As for McNair and the Texans, the team did an about-face last November and said they would consider adding Kaepernick. Though obviously, nothing happened there. This was after rookie Deshaun Watson sustained a season-ending injury.

With the collusion case in full swing, there is bound to be some more news following soon.