Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger had no idea who Jerry Seinfeld is

By Jesse Reed
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of those stories that will make a lot of us feel really freaking old. Los Angeles Dodgers rookie slugger Cody Bellinger, appearing on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt, revealed he has no idea who Jerry Seinfeld is.

No, seriously.

Not surprisingly, his teammate, Alex Wood had something to say about this.

Of course, Bellinger is only 21 years young. When “Seinfeld” ended its legendary run back in 1998, Bellinger was just three years old.

Like we said, this will make some of us feel really old.

While Bellinger is clearly not watching much cable television (the show is still running daily on various cable channels), he’s wowing baseball fans with his play on the field. Or, more specifically, in the batter’s box.

That’s gold, Jerry! GOLD!