Clippers set new low bar for NBA Playoff futility

By Jesse Reed

We know it’s time for the Los Angeles Clippers to blow it all up. We’ve known this to be true for months now. But after watching the Clippers blow yet another playoff lead, this time to the Utah Jazz, we can confidently say this is a team in need of a brand new identity.

Los Angeles had control of the series after three games, up 2-1. But as Clippers fans can tell you, that means zilch with this team. In fact, this was the fifth straight postseason in which Lob City took a playoff lead, only to blow it — an NBA first.

That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a new low.

Doc Rivers is a good coach, but despite the fact he won a championship with the Boston Celtics he’s not a “great” coach. And despite his desire to remain at his post with the Clippers, it’s time for the Clippers to cut and run to a new voice of command.

Blake Griffin is an exciting player to watch, but he’s not a championship cornerstone.

Chris Paul is still one of the best all-around point guards in the Association, but his best days are behind him at the age of 31. He also just doesn’t have that killer instinct that drives the greats to achieve greatness.

DeAndre Jordan is a terrific rebounder and an athletic big man who can make plays on both sides of the court. But he’s not a dominant center. Not really.

Los Angeles’ bench is a middling unit that is more window dressing than anything else some nights.

You see where we’re going here, right?

Compared to the top teams in the west, the Clippers are simply second rate. They don’t have a top player at any position aside from Paul, and he’s not enough of a superstar to carry this team. It’s time to admit that what’s been happening is just insanity.

The Clippers cannot continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Five years is enough of a sample size to show this team is never going to live up to the high calling of competing against the best in the west. Heck, it can’t even compete against the decent in the west right now.

Blow it up. And don’t think too long about it, either.