Clayton Kershaw salary more in 2017 than entire Padres’ Opening Day roster

We know the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t opposed to spending big money to stay competitive. The same cannot be said for the San Diego Padres, whose entire Opening Day roster makes less money than Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

Kershaw’s 2017 salary is a cool $33 million. San Diego’s 25-man Opening Day roster will earn $28 million…combined.

“The Padres, in a season that might best be described as ‘extreme tanking, have committed to pay $28 million to the 25 players on Monday’s active roster,” wrote Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, while providing the player-by-player breakdown, via the San Diego Union-Tribune.

As described to me by Ryan Phillips of The Big Lead, while much of the lack of money dedicated to San Diego’s roster can be attributed to rookie contracts, “the pitching staff is an abomination.” Phillips went on to say the prospects on the team aren’t quite ready to make a big impact, so “it’s gum and duct tape holding things together.”

Sound about right, Padres fans?

Yeah, it does to us as well.

Now, Kershaw is one of MLB’s biggest stars, so it’s understandable he’s making a gagillion dollars this year. But there just isn’t any real excuse for San Diego’s lack of dedication to putting together a competitive roster. For a city that already lost its football team under disturbing circumstances, this is a disheartening development to be sure.