Clay Matthews downplays talk of matchup with Seattle as revenge game

Courtesy of USA Today Sports: Who will help Clay Matthews at linebacker?

The Green Bay Packers lost the 2015 NFC Championship Game to the Seattle Seahawks in heartbreaking fashion, but one team leader isn’t looking at Sunday night’s matchup as a revenge game.

According to Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Matthews pointed out winning wouldn’t magically erase the disappointing memory.

That’s a refreshing piece of honesty that provides a little bit of perspective.

Too often we hear players and coaches say a particular opponent—even there is some history between the teams—doesn’t mean anything because it’s merely “the next game on the schedule.” That’s simply not true.

You can bet Green Bay would love to assert itself as the better team in 2015, and a win over the Seahawks would offer the Packers that chance, no matter that Kam Chancellor won’t be on the field.

Nevertheless, the past cannot be changed, and a win on Sunday Night Football would give Green Bay a win during a football game on Sunday night.

The loss in the NFC Championship will not be forgotten. A 2015 matchup outside of the playoffs is not a revenge game. That doesn’t mean a victory isn’t important to Matthews and the Packers.