Chuck Pagano: ‘We are not the only ones pregnant right now’

By David Kenyon

Chuck Pagano is known for his exorbitant use of clichés and uncommon phrases, but the Indianapolis Colts head coach reached a new level of weird during his post-practice media session on Wednesday.

Bennett Haeberle of WISH-TV notes Pagano said the Colts aren’t the only NFL team with child.

Wait, what?

Pagano was discussing the roster’s problems at quarterback, but what can that possibly mean?

Andrew Luck returned to practice after a 40-day absence, Matt Hasselbeck missed Wednesday’s workout but is expected to start and Charlie Whitehurst is preparing as if he’ll play.

So, maybe Pagano meant that the team is fighting through some pains, like a pregnant woman does, or that every quarterback is like a child who should be cherished, or that the Colts are about to deliver a Christmas gift that saves — in Indy’s case, the 2015 season.

Or he could just be crazy.

If someone makes a “useless sound” montage of the 2015 NFL season, Pagano will be the headliner. But hey, keep chopping wood, coach.

Stick to the grindstone. Keep the blinders on.

And take care of your pregnant team.