Christian Hackenberg booted off practice field for reason that will boggle your mind

Christian Hackenberg

Early Monday morning, we covered a report that detailed how Christian Hackenberg has yet to take a single first-team rep during training camp. We should have waited just a little bit longer to write that story, because now we have a little better understanding as to why he’s still not allowed to play with the big kids.

On Monday, Hackenberg was ordered off the practice field. And the reason for this will boggle your mind.

He couldn’t break the huddle correctly. Not once. But twice. In seven-on-seven drills.


That’s just next-level incompetence right there. You might not be shocked to see a rookie struggle with this type of thing, especially if that rookie never played in an offense that utilized a huddle. But Hackenberg is in his second year, and this should be something he doesn’t even need to think about.

Apparently he does need to think about it. More than just a little bit, too.

The Jets are a dumpster fire. They’re tanking hard this year, which at least one player is willing to admit, even if the rest of the organization is lying through its teeth. With all that in mind, the Jets might as well let Hackenberg crash and burn so that they can truly tank and build anew following what is sure to be a disastrous 2017 campaign.