Chris Spielman: ‘Insane to justify’ Ezekiel Elliott’s behavior

Courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas, USA Today Sports

Chris Spielman, a College Football Hall of Famer and an NFL great, isn’t amused by the recent antics of fellow Ohio State alum Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott recently was caught pulling down the top of a woman he was partying with on a rooftop during a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas.

Many might view his behavior as totally harmless, but a woman’s group recently called for the NFL to suspend him. Additionally, one report indicates the NFL could potentially use against the Dallas Cowboys running back, considering he’s still under investigation for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend (more on that here).

Whether he is disciplined by the NFL is irrelevant as far as Spielman is concerned. The former NFL linebacker believes that it’s “insane to justify” Elliott’s behavior and is calling for the young man to grow up.

“I want people to stop saying he’s ‘a young man,’” Spielman said, per TMZ Sports. “There comes a point in time when we all know right from wrong. . . . At what point is it OK to pull some woman’s shirt down in public? What point tells you this seems like a good idea? So it’s not, ‘He’s a young guy.’

“He is bringing this upon himself. Nobody is bringing this upon him. And he’s not young. He is of the age where he knows right from wrong, so lets stop with the young card, I can’t stand it. There are no more young cards,” Spielman said. “It’s never OK to pull somebody’s shirt down. That’s insane to even justify that behavior. It’s crazy.”

In some respects, what Spielman says here is right on point. Elliott has the world at his fingertips, but he’s also in a position of influence and certainly has thousands of young men who look up to him as a superstar running back of the Cowboys.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other young men in the NFL who do stuff like what Elliott did at that parade all the time — Rob Gronkowski being the poster child for this type of behavior. Yet instead of people looking down on Gronk, his sophomoric behavior is generally viewed by the NFL community as amusing.

Still, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Elliott to listen to Spielman, who wants the young man to represent his former school and current team with more professionalism than he has to this point.