Chris Paul set a new NBA record Saturday night

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul did something Saturday night against the New Orleans Pelicans that has never before been recorded.

Scoring 20 points and dishing out 20 assists while turning the ball over not a single time, he became the first NBA player to record such a stat line since individual turnovers became something the league tracked in 1977-78.

Paul was unstoppable in this game, making spectacular play after spectacular play to lead his team to a 133-105 win at home.

Afterwards, Paul wasn’t about to pat himself on the back about it all, however.

“I had enough turnovers in the past like three or four games,” Paul grumbled, and he even shook his head, per Jesse Dougherty of the Los Angeles Times. “Like I always say, with assists I have the easy part. Guys have to make the shot.”

A true professional in every sense of the word, Paul is one of the premier players in the NBA. His star shined brightly Saturday night, and we won’t see its like for many a year after this.