Chris Long puts arm around Malcolm Jenkins, who held fist up during anthem

Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins hasn’t stopped raising his fist during the national anthem, which is his way of continuing what Colin Kaepernick started last year. He explained this week that, in his mind, athletes need to continue showing their support for Kaepernick, and for his message.

“You don’t want the scene to go cold,” Jenkins said, per the New York Daily News. “You don’t want the conversation to stop. I wasn’t sure who from last year would carry it over, when the guy who started it is no longer there, but I think it’s very, very important for people to hand off that baton and continue to use the platform while you have it.”

On Thursday night, before the Buffalo Bills hosted the Eagles in Week 2, Jenkins once again held up his fist. Except this time, he wasn’t alone. Chris Long had his left arm around Jenkins as a show of support for his teammate.

Long, who is a native of Charlottesville, Va., issued quite a stirring statement in the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in his hometown. Perhaps that has something to do with his support of Jenkins, who likely won’t stop raising his fist any time soon.