Chris Harris Jr.: Broncos need to get ‘mind-control’ over AFC West back

By Rachel Wold

After 10 games of competition, the Denver Broncos find themselves saddled to the bottom of the AFC West with a 3-7 record.

The team is struggling on both sides of the ball, and at the quarterback position in particular. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. points out the obvious, saying that the Broncos are a far-cry from the Peyton Manning-era.

Since Manning retired after his 2015 season, the Broncos have failed to reach the playoffs. Quarterback swaps and benchings this year have done very little to help pull the drowning Broncos out of the toilet.

This Sunday when the Broncos head to Oakland to face the Raiders, they will feature second-year quarterback Paxton Lynch. With little else to lose this season, throwing Lynch out there cannot really hurt.

Fortunately for Harris, his Broncos will be up against a Raiders team (4-6) that really has not played much better than Denver. Perhaps this is the week the Broncos take advantage and “get back on track.” Though, Harris expecting Manning-like results from Lynch would be absurd at this point.