Nick Foles gets choked up talking about playing for his daughter

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The road to Super Bowl-starting quarterback has been anything but normal for Philadelphia Eagles signal caller Nick Foles. Speaking to the media, he reflected on it, noting that while he wants to play a great game, his ultimate victory comes when he goes home to his wife and daughter after the game.

“When I think about this journey and everything, I get home and I get to see her and I get to see my wife. And I see her and my wife in her. Like, in her face, in her mannerisms, that’s what it’s about and I know that every time I step out onto the football field with everything I do. There’s going to be some days where she looks and wants to know what her daddy was and what he did. That gives you a little juice to go out here.”

Less than two years ago, Foles’ child was not born and he was considering leaving football altogether. Now, he’s a proud father and days away from starting in the Super Bowl.

That certainly gives him a great perspective on not only the game, but life in general.