Chiefs ran out of fireworks vs. Texans because they scored too much

Patrick Mahomes Texans
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s bad when the opposing team heads into your stadium and takes a 24-0 lead in an NFL Playoff game.

Kansas City Chiefs fans had every right to be concerned when the Houston Texans did just this early in Sunday’s game at Arrowhead.

Kansas City also had reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes on its sideline. The end result was one of the greatest comebacks in league history with the Chiefs advancing to the AFC Championship Game following a 51-31 win.

Said game included Kansas City scoring touchdowns on a record seven consecutive possessions. It really was something to behold.

It also included Arrowhead legitimately running out of fireworks. Check out this PSA the team put out during the latter stages of Sunday’s thrilling win.

The good news here is that Kansas City was mere seconds away from taking a knee to end the game.

The bad news? Someone might want to express order more fireworks ahead of next week’s AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans.