Charlie Sheen to Johnny Manziel: Never too late for a fresh start

By Jesse Reed

Charlie Sheen knows a thing or two (or three, or four) about starting over, and he wants Johnny Manziel to know it’s never too late for a new beginning.

Utilizing his Twitter account, Sheen sent out this message of support to Manziel Saturday morning:

While most wouldn’t associate Sheen with proffering helpful advice to struggling athletes (see: message to Josh Hamilton last year), he has been through hell and back again, more than once.

Furthermore, his message to Manziel is on point. Manziel clearly needs to get a fresh start after two-plus years of self-destructive behavior that has him at the point now where it’s hard to imagine any NFL team would touch him.

Manziel’s latest includes a helicopter chase and his ex-girlfriend accusing him of assault and threatening to kill both of them to the point where she allegedly brandished a knife in self-defense.

Not surprisingly, his family is worried about him, and his father Paul Manziel does not think he will live to see his 24th birthday if he doesn’t get help.

Clearly, Manziel needs to get some, and quickly.