Former Army LB suing NCAA for negligence in not informing him about danger of brain injuries

Former Army linebacker Charles Schretzman and his wife, Stacy Schretzman, have filed a lawsuit against the NCAA for neglecting to inform him about the dangers of repeated head trauma.

Schretzman developed Lou Gehrig’s disease three years ago, which the lawsuit alleges is due to repeated blows to the head during practices and games.

The suit alleges that “in the years following graduation” Mr. Schretzman “progressively experienced numbness, twitching, muscle atrophy, fatigue, loss of mobility, slurred speech, weakness” and other neurological symptoms, per the Pennsylvanian Record.

“The NCAA’s breach of its duty to exercise reasonable care based on its knowledge and what it should have known caused Mr. Schretzman to subsequently develop many neurocognitive conditions and have to endure numerous neurological symptoms,” the suit states, according to the report.

Schretzman was a linebacker at Army from 1985-1989. He finished his Army career as a lieutenant colonel in the Army. He’s seeking “economic and non-economic compensatory damages,” along with the NCAA covering all legal costs.