Chargers Week 2 television ratings down 53 percent in San Diego

By Vincent Frank
Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers played their first regular season game at the StubHub Center in Carson on Sunday. It culminated in a missed late field goal by rookie kicker Younghoe Koo to give the visiting Miami Dolphins a narrow victory on the road.

The game itself was also an unmitigated disaster from a organizational standpoint.

Ouch. That has to hurt.

Meanwhile, back in San Diego, it looks like the former Chargers home-town fan base tuned the game out completely. After all, television ratings were down 53 percent from this time last season.

That’s definitely not good for anyone involved. And with an attendance in Los Angeles of under 26,000, it’s rather clear that city is not exactly too excited about the team’s relocation.

We’re not too sure how this is going to play out moving forward. What we do know is that the Chargers’ former fan base in San Diego has lost interest.

If there’s not any type of renewed interest in Los Angeles, this could ultimately prove to be an absolutely embarrassing few seasons before the Chargers open their new digs with the Rams in Inglewood a few seasons from now.