Chargers Add Interesting Requirement to Job Posting

By David Kenyon

The San Diego Chargers are looking for a tax manager. Are you qualified?

In addition to a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and certification in the field, applicants must be competent workers—you know, like meet tight deadlines, organize and communicate well, all that normal stuff.

But don’t forget the last little detail: You must be willing to move from San Diego to Los Angeles, if necessary.

Tadd Haislop of Sporting News pointed out the eyebrow-raising requirement:

The franchise has consistently been mentioned as a possible candidate to fill the NFL void in Los Angeles, and that move could happen as soon as 2016.

Previously, the team announced a citywide vote for a new stadium in San Diego was not possible, so the Chargers’ future home remains in flux.

If you plan on applying for the position, make sure you’re ready to relocate along with the organization.

Photo: USA Today Sports