Chandler Parsons on opting out: ‘Cuz I have a brain’

Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons opted out of a contract that would have paid him $16-plus million next season.

There was obviously a financial motivation behind this. The star wing might have struggled through an injury-plagued 2015-16 campaign, but he knows darn well his value on today’s open market is much more than what his contract suggested.

When asked why he thinks he deserves a max contract, the 27 year old responded with the obvious.

This was the part of a larger Q&A with fans on Twitter, a session that included Parsons admitting that he’s never once tried a beer.

The largest takeaway here is that the former Houston Rockets second-round pick is obviously looking for a max deal on the open market.

Considering he’s missed 37 games over the past two seasons, some might conclude that Parsons is overvaluing himself here.

After all, it’s important to note that he averaged less than 15 points per game in his two seasons with Dallas. That’s not exactly what we’d call packing the scoring punch right there.

What we do know is that today’s NBA market suggests he is assuredly worth more than the $16-plus million he was slated to earn in 2016-17. Whether that translates to a max deal averaging out to $21-plus million remains to be seen.