Chandler Parsons: Above-Average Small Forward, but Elite NBA Recruiter

By David Kenyon

An NBA franchise will send a contingent of powerful and influential people involved with the organization. Owners, presidents, general managers, head coaches and star players are often included in that salesman-like team.

But apparently, Chandler Parsons is the only person the Dallas Mavericks need to send.

Parsons, a 26-year-old small forward, has been recruiting DeAndre Jordan to join him in Dallas. In fact, ESPN’s Tim MacMahon notes Parsons and Jordan had dinner together five straight nights.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Parsons’ persistence has paid off.

This isn’t the first time Parsons has lured a first-team All-Defensive center away from Los Angeles to his Texas team.

Back in 2013, Dwight Howard was a coveted free-agent prize, yet Parsons—just a third-year player—helped convince Howard to leave Hollywood and head to Houston.

Darren Heitner of Forbes notes a source told him Parsons was “relentless” in the pursuit of Howard:

“Chandler was relentless. [Chandler] called and texted [Dwight] every day, even face-timed and would answer every question Dwight could potentially have. We would drive to his house in the hills and talk to him. Basically Chandler Parsons recruited him like Nick Saban and a 5-star defensive tackle; they hardly knew each other at beginning of process.”

Although the relationship eventually soured, Parsons was a key reason Howard landed in Houston.

Last summer, Parsons agreed to a three-year deal with the Mavericks. This summer, he played a leading role in enticing Jordan and shooting guard Wes Matthews to sign.

This season, Parsons will lead the Dallas offense, and he’ll be flanked by a couple shiny new toys.

But as MacMahon notes, Parsons is ready to shoulder that responsibility, now that Monta Ellis has departed. Parsons said:

“That’s the reason I came here. That was the plan for me: to come here for a bigger role, and to be a star. I think I’m more than ready to do that.”

While Parsons managed 15.7 points and 2.4 assists per game last season, he’s expected to become the primary ball-handler and catalyst of the Mavericks’ attack. With Jordan consuming the paint and Matthews floating on the perimeter, Parsons will only be more dangerous.

Dan Woike of the Orange County Register writes a source said Jordan left Los Angeles because “he wants to be the man.” However, Jordan’s star power is a result of his physical nature on the glass complemented by a steady diet of high-flying dunks.

Whether or not he realizes this yet doesn’t matter, but Jordan needs Parsons just as much as Parsons wanted Jordan.

Parsons knows he’s the guy, and he’s attempted to surround himself with dangerous weapons. The aspiring GM has accomplished exactly that.

Without a doubt, Parsons has proved he’s an elite recruiter. His next task is showing he’s an elite basketball player, too.

Photo: USA Today Sports